The Hero’s Journey

In this episode, The Hero’s Journey is shared more explicitly as a path that you can apply to your own life and explores how Clay and Naomi have been wrestling with, experiencing, and living through their own personal inner journeys of the intersection of myth and meaning. 
The Matrix and Star Wars are a great way of seeing how The Hero’s Journey has been used as a plot plan! Clay shares the set up of The Matrix and how it fits into The Hero’s Journey. Naomi shares how she perceived The Matrix watching it now with this understanding. Both share personal stories that are very clear calls to adventure: Naomi shares the experience of having an extremely premature baby and Clay talks about having 3 days to get to the UK for training for a brand new job.

Naomi talks about identity and the question of what you have to bring back from your journey and sees how she got lost in the identity of being a mother and as a carer.  This podcast, The Wisdom Experience, is born out of that, of not staying in transformation stage; but of bringing something back into the real world that’s of value, that she hopes is interesting and offering something that people feel enriched with, or even take action on to make changes in their life. 

Clay concludes by offering you a challenge! 

  • Are you answering the call or refusing the call?
  • Are you stuck in the ordinary world? 
  • Who are the Guardians at the Gate for you? What is stopping you from going on the journey properly? 
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